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Yes, we also manufacture, supply and export raw fabric that can be used for variety of purposes including customized production of bags and other materials from it.


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Iam and Unlam

Jute fabric is a type of natural fabric made from the fibers of the jute plant. The jute plant consists of long, soft, lustrous plant fibers that can be spun into thick, strong yarns. These fibers are often used to make burlap, a coarse, inexpensive material used for bags, sacks and other industrial purposes.



Jute and Cotton

Juco is a blend of cotton and jute and is the best of both worlds. It is diverse and sustainable. It brings the tighter weave of cotton and the durability factor of jute under one roof. Juco adds charm to the products and has a long lifespan. JUTE: Jute is the second most used fabric after cotton globally.

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Cotton is the world's favourite natural fibre. Its beauty, comfort, durability and versatility make it the perfect choice for clothing, bedding, textiles and many other products. As an industry, cotton supports the livelihoods of millions of people – both directly and indirectly – around the world.

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Canvas is a plain-weave, heavy-duty fabric that is commonly desired for its water-resistance. Originally popularized as a useful sail cloth material and an excellent painting medium, canvas has now made its way into applications as widespread as tent material, casual shoes, and designer handbags.

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Bhimal Plant

Bhimal is superior to Jute and can contribute to voluminous uplift of the youth of Uttarakhand. The bast fibres of the tree are rough and uneven. Properties of Bhimal fiber characterise high tensile strength, biodegradable, insect barrier, antimicrobial, antifungal and fairly long filaments with a natural yellow hue.

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Cotton Tapes

Webbing and tape are often used for decorative furniture trim, tie downs, sporting goods, shade edge reinforcement, belts, purses, backpack straps, bag straps, seatbelts, dog collars, parachutes, lanyards, and more.

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